“Voiceless, lightless, crowded passage to strange secret points” – a meditation on the Merchant Navy, for Remembrance Day

This is late – the moment has almost certainly passed – but for whatever reason, I feel compelled not to leave it till next Remembrance Day. So, readers…please meet my grandfather William (Bill) Thompson (left) and my grandpa… Read More

Oh, Canada…?

So I’ve been pretty ambivalent about patriotism since my early 20s, when I was a historian-in-training and the study of nationalism was more or less my field. As a theoretical concept, it does NOT hold up well to… Read More

Canadians, there are things we can do about the US #MuslimBan

Dear Canadian friends, If you are horrified by the news of the executive order on immigration that came out of the US yesterday, and you want to do something that could influence Canada’s official response to it, consider calling… Read More

Blog Post: Silent Night

This post began as a comment on my friend Lalainia’s blog, here. She put out a call for stories about giving, in honour of the holiday season, which she has since been sharing in vlog form, one at a… Read More

The Fine Art of the Set List (for the Creber Music blog)

A silly-but-true little piece I wrote for the Creber Music blog in the lead-up to The Magic of Christmas 2014… So you’re putting on a Christmas concert. You have a group of amazing singers, and a list of… Read More

Blog Post: An Evening at the Symphony

So, somehow – I have no idea how – I got on someone’s list, and I was offered comps to the opening night of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra‘s 95th season at the Orpheum on Saturday, Sept. 28th. It… Read More

Blog Post: On Drama Teachers & Camp Counsellors (A Trip Down Memory Lane)

So, Justin Trudeau was recently elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. The Conservative party immediately launched a campaign to undermine his image, in which they were condescending about (among other things) the fact that he was… Read More

Blog Post: On Closing Nights & Power Outages

It was a closing night for the record books, that’s for sure. The show? Us & Everything We Own, a new play by Sean Minogue that finished its world premiere run last Saturday April 13th, at the PAL… Read More

Mini-essay: A Meditation on the Green College Players

I wrote this for the alumni newsletter associated with the graduate residence where I lived for two years while completing my MA at UBC in 1999-2001. Green College was and continues to be an inspiring, amazing community; for… Read More