The Violence of Neglect

Our stories are medicine. And they will persist despite the violence of neglect. Our stories have and will continue to transform this country. Our stories speak to the interconnected-ness of all things. They are the cultural heritage of… Read More

Oh, Canada…?

So I’ve been pretty ambivalent about patriotism since my early 20s, when I was a historian-in-training and the study of nationalism was more or less my field. As a theoretical concept, it does NOT hold up well to… Read More

Canadians, there are things we can do about the US #MuslimBan

Dear Canadian friends, If you are horrified by the news of the executive order on immigration that came out of the US yesterday, and you want to do something that could influence Canada’s official response to it, consider calling… Read More

Open Letter to Ministers Hansen, Krueger, Coleman & Premier Gordon Campbell

Dear Minister Hansen, Minister Krueger, Minister Coleman and Premier Campbell, On the BC Budget 2009 website, the introduction states: “September Budget Update 2009 protects vital services and positions British Columbia for renewed economic growth. Government is taking steps… Read More