Midnight Theatre Collective & Pacific Theatre present

By Lucia Frangione
Pacific Theatre
December 10, 2010 – Jan 1, 2011

Journey back to the days when radio was king, as Yolanda and Percival B. Frank present their annual Christmas radio broadcast before a live studio audience. I am having so much fun stage managing this show, which is directed by Shel Piercy, and features Damon Calderwood, Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau, Ben Elliott, Seana-Lee Wood and Diana Kaarina. The premise is that the five cast members are doing a live radio broadcast from a church basement on Christmas Eve in 1949. It’s set in Vancouver, so there are tons of fun local historical references. It’s Christmas-y without being too sickly sweet…there are stories (with old fashioned sound effects created by the actors on stage) and lots of lovely Christmas music…and, of course, plenty of behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Rumour has it that the stage manager even has a few lines… (eep!).