Writing & Editing

I offer my services to organizations and individuals (primarily but not exclusively in the performing arts), as a writer and editor of the following:

  • Grant applications
  • Web site copy, programme notes, bios (short or long form), CD one-sheets & other materials
  • Newsletters (e.g. The Inter-Cultural for the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra, available online here)
  • Media releases (see this tag for samples)
  • Articles, interviews, essays, blog posts (for samples, see this tag or this one)

Current and past clients include:

  • Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra
  • DreamRider Productions
  • MISCELLANEOUS Productions
  • The Chop Theatre
  • International Centre of Art for Social Change / Judith Marcuse Projects
  • Creber Music
  • Laudate Singers
  • Chasing Rainbows Young Adult Cancer Advocacy

What Does It Cost…?

My fees vary depending on the scope of the project and the client’s budget. I normally charge an hourly rate ($35) for writing and/or editing work, but occasionally a flat contract fee is more appropriate. All is open to negotiation; please contact me to discuss your project and request a quote.

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